Company Profile: is an Internet load board designed to connect shippers that have loads to be delivered to the truckers who will deliver those loads.

The website was started in 2001 to make the delivery of freight easier and more efficient. Unlike other Internet load boards, was designed by truckers. This is a great advantage to you because the site is managed by people who know the trucking industry inside and out. We know from personal experience what makes freight delivery run most smoothly.

Our mission at is to save both shippers and truckers time and money. We accomplish that mission with the use of an innovative system that allows shippers and carriers to post and confirm loads. Shippers can easily line up a reliable truck where and when they need it, and truckers can find loads to haul where and when they need them.

Our One-Click Insurance program will minimize both the trucker’s and the shipper’s paperwork and telephone calls. Truckers can post their insurance and authority directly on our web site, and shippers can access that information to help ensure the reliability of the driver who will haul the load. Furthermore, the program saves time in faxing, emailing and sending documents. will also allow truckers to directly collect payment for loads without having to wait weeks or longer for payment like the traditional process. In the end, why should you have to pay for the fuel, the insurance, the taxes and licensing and then wait, and wait, and wait for the load to be paid? As truckers, we know that it is difficult to pay for fuel, insurance and operating expenses and wait weeks for a check to arrive from the shipper. Our Prepaid Freight program allows you to collect payment within a few short days.

Also, our site allows you to search your account’s history and maintain accurate records for the loads hauled. All of these features are available to truckers for a low monthly fee. There is no charge to shippers to post loads. You may sign up by clicking on the Register button and begin saving today.

If you have questions about our site or would like to speak with a sales representative from, please feel free to contact us using our toll free number or mailing us at the address below. Also, when you are on the road, if you see one of our trucks with the logo, stop us and we will have coffee and discuss the benefits of our website. And if you have suggestions for how we can make our site better for you, please let us know.

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